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Flush Bag Information

Flushing your motor with muffs and a hose maybe doing more damage than good to your motor. Using muffs can overheat your impeller and not have the rinsing effect that you are trying to accomplish. Hose water is cold and keeps the thermostats from opening. Flush bags are the recommended way to flush your engine. Most engine manufacturers agree, flush bags are the best. Folds up for easy storage in your car or truck. Easy to use at dry storage, boat barns, or at home before setting up your engine. I can't tell you how many motors I work on that the owner has told me they have rinsed their motor after every use for 15 minutes and their engine is plugged up with salt and silt. This is because the rinse doesn't really happen with muffs. Get one of these and add years to the life of your engine What: A flush bag is a sturdy collapsible bag that fits under the lower unit of the outboard and fills with water. Submerging the gearcase allows the motor to take in cooling water from the inlet screens and return it to the bag through the propeller. Where: Use the Flush Bag method with the boat on a trailer. It requires running the engine (but only after the bag is filled with water). Outboards with more than one inlet on each side of the lower unit should be flushed using this method. How: Trim the outboard to the vertical position with the lower unit in the bag. Screw the garden hose into the connector on the bag and fill the bag Make sure the water level is as high as possible above the cooling water inlets on the lower unit. This will assure that the water pump is completely submerged Start the outboard and set the throttle to no more than a fast idle (800-900 RPM max) Watch for water coming out of the pilot tube at the lower rear of the cowling. Run the engine for 10-15 minutes. Note: it may take 20--30 seconds to fill the water passages before water will exit the pilot tube Stop the engine and turn off the faucet Never run the engine without cooling water Turn the freshwater on before starting the engine; turn the water off after stopping the engine Add water to the flush bag while the motor is running to maintain the maximum water level Do not leave the outboard unattended whilerunning The flushing bag can be used to test if your cooling system is working properly prior to leaving home and launching. The muff system actually forces water into the motor using the pressure of the hose and does not let the water pump do its job in some instances. This can give you the illusion that the pump is working correctly when in fact it is not. Using high water pressure from a garden hose has the potential to damage your head gasket prior to opening the thermostat. The flushing bag uses the engine water pump to circulate the water and reduces pressure on the head gaskets. The flushing bag will circulate water using the engines water pump. You can also use this technique to watch for the thermostat to open when the engine warms up. Flushing bags eliminate engine noise present when using "clip on" flushing systems because the exhaust is under water. If the bag slips off, and you loose your cooling water source to the engine, the exhaust noise acts like an alarm attracting your attention. No more burnt up engines because the "clip on" system fell off. Flushing bags tend to last forever and come with a manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee with on the bag. They fold up small and store most anywhere. Flushing bags are designed to be used where water spillage is expected. The aerospace industry uses salt spray to accelerate corrosion and ageing in their product testing. A salt environment is the worst thing your your engine can experience as it significantly shortens the life span of your engine. Flushing your engine with fresh water after use will increase the life of your engine more than 20 years and save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance

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